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[Closed] Guidelines & Rules of TBC

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Terraria Builders Community Guidelines

  1. Do not be rude or disrespectful towards other members of this server.
    - This includes to listen to each other, having mutual respect and being patient towards new & old members.

  2. Do not bring drama from other communities here.
    - We are not here to solve your drama, no matter what it includes. Please do not expect the staff to act on situations unrelated to this community.

  3. Advertising or promoting communities is not allowed.
    - We protect our community, and thus we choose not to allow free promotion for communities unpartnered with ours.


  4. Do not plagiarize.
    - As a creative focused community, we enforce to create your own original content, and to not copy, plagiarize or claim others' content for your own benefit.


  5. Do not bother any verified users no matter the reason.
    - Verified users are people who are renowned in our community, and thus are granted a role to fit their popularity. If you wish to speak with any of them, please do so in their respective communities.


  6. Use every page, forum and channel for its respective use.
    - All pages within our resources have been made for a purpose. Please use all of them for what they were made for, and do not abuse channel content.


  7. English language only.
    - As an international community, we wish to all share a language and understand each other properly. Please limit yourself to only speaking English on all our platforms.


  8. Avoid effortless chatter, low quality messages & NSFW.
    - This includes spam, shitposting, chaining & worthless input.


  9. Staff will purge any effort to break these guidelines.
    - If you are unable to follow any of these rules, we will purge all efforts that show this, and punish appropriately. 



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