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[Sticky] General Information

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Welcome to the Terraria Builders Community!

Our Server has been designed to have a committed focus on the Terraria community and their creative skill!

What do we offer?

  • Forums: Your current destination. Here everything from suggestions to applications is compiled

  • Ingame Terraria: We offer a server with many features in Terraria. Mainly building of course!

  • Discord: A Discord server connected to many other communities that bring out their greatest skill!

  • Support: Building support for all creators

  • Gallery: A place to show off creations & have others see them!

Ranks & Roles:

  • @Traveler. Your base role, does not provide benefits.

  • @Active. A role that grants access to some Discord features like sharing images in general.

  • @Builder. The first builder role, you can obtain this role on the forums. This role will grant benefits on the ingame server!

  • @Constructor. An upgrade of the role above, with new benefits.

  • @Designer Another upgrade of the role above, with new benefits on both ingame server & discord.

  • @Architect. Last obtainable role trough applications, with a final list of new benefits.

  • @Master Architect. Picked by the staff, verified as highly skilled builders on our server.

  • @Renowned. Partner of TBC or verified content creator.

  • @Booster. Nitro booster for TBC, gets a custom role.

  • @Staff. Oversees ingame and/or Discord moderation.

  • @Development. Deals with all backstage server related stuff.

  • @Management. Handles all server related management. 

  • @Co-Owner. Co-Owner of TBC

  • @Owner. Owner of TBC

  • @Console. Full server access

  • @Forum Admin. Full website access.


More information to come!

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